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vacation bible school

Check out the VBS theme by year. VBS stands for Vacation Bible School, a phrase for a type of religious education program geared toward children, usually during the summer. VBs Themes are very popular that is published by publishers. the current VBS 2013 themes are being released.

Many churches run Vacation Bible School programs using themes that publishers developed. These themed curriculum programs are usually from their respective denominations or publishing companies. Some denominations that do a VBS summer program are Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and many others.

Some Churches run a one night VBS program, some use a weekend VBS program but many churches conduct a week long program. VBS generally includes decorating the Church and Classrooms with scene setters and bulletin board kits. The Church uses religious education to teach using skits,puppet shows, arts & crafts. Religious songs are also a big hit with the kids. VBS is usually catered toward elementary aged children.

vbs 2013 themes

Find ideas and tips for parents and teachers who volunteering for Vacation Bible school. We group our resources by year so teachers who are using older VBS themes can find resources, programs and curriculum quickly. We are here to help with your Children's Ministry so any suggestions, comments or ideas are always welcomed.

Be sure to check out our supply of VBS material and merchandise. We have curriculum supplies for your program.



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